Steps by steps to register/log in at MWPlay

home page of MWPlay

It is very easy to get access to this fun and interesting gaming world! MWPlay provides the smoothest register process. It will only take you 30 seconds and you are in the world of popular online casino games, follow our guide, we will assist you through the register and log in.

1. Register: Enter MWPLAY home page
Enter MWPLAY official website, you will see a gray area on the right, please click “Sign Up,” fill in the information required for registration and submit.

Register MWPlay in home page

2. Confirm your account: Mobile number or email
If you successfully register, you will be led to this page

Confirm your account for register in MWPlay

Please confirm your mobile number again, and you may log into your account.

3. Log-in: Play on all devices
After the very simple register, press “Login” on the home page, enter your user name and password you set previously. No matter when and where your gaming experience won’t be bothered by time and devices. Play a fun game and earn some extra income!

Best Online Casino in the Philippines: MWPlay

Since establishing, we get 96% satisfaction from players in the past 3 years! With your support and encouragement, our goal is to make MWPlay a global casino where anyone can discover more about casino games! To be the best, we are pursuing the following goals:

1. Reputation: Yes, MWPlay already has positive reviews from many sites. You can trust these authoritative and play here with no worries.
2. Security: We are running legally and using the latest technology to protect your personal information and payment security.
3. Payment: provide payment methods such as credit card, transfer, etc., but it takes time to process. So we make you some new payment method as follow:

New payment methods
Now, we not only provide a variety of payment methods that allow you to deposit and cashout faster, but also able to pay by credit cards, or e-wallets (GCash), multi-currency, etc., as long as they can provide you simple and fast cash flow.

At present, MWPLAY is still working on the new payment methods. It still takes 24-48 hours to deposit and cashout. If you want to enjoy the latest and most instant payment technology, we recommend you to play in large online casinos such as Nuebe Gaming and Hawkplay.

payment methods of MWPlay

MWPlay's most popular casino games list

The number of games is the key! In order to meet the needs of all our players, we do not hesitate to spend all of our time and money to collect thousands all the casino games we could find, including classic slot machines. We have top 3 quality in the Philippines. There are many game suppliers in our casino, and you will never get tired of playing the game they provide.

Besides, blackjack, roulette, live dealer, whatever you want to play can be found here in MWPlay. Feel excited and can’t wait to play? Follow our game ranking right away, play one of them once and you’ll see that these games are the best of the best.

MWPlay TOP 3 Online Slot Games

Boxing King slot game

TOP1:Boxing King

✅Double main roles
✅Special “All WILD”
✅98% player’s choice

This is the hottest slot machine in the world! Made by JILI it not only has the fanciest visual effect, but also has high winning chances, and up to 98% of players have become it loyal fans!

Game Type Slot
Volatility High
RTP 97.64%
Biggest bonus 2000X


✅Chinese Monster “Nian”
✅Bonus up to 15000X
✅Played 10 million times

In Chinese traditional customs, the monster “Nian” will appear at the door of every household on lunar new year’s eve. We must set off firecrackers to scare it away! As long as you collect more than 5 firecrackers, you can trigger free games up to 100 times!

Game Type Oriental
Volatility Intermediate Inter-mediate
RTP 96.02%
Biggest bonus 15000X
GOLDEN SLUT slot game


✅Most exciting slot machine
✅Blood rush gameplay
✅Classic Chinese erotic literature

Yes, this is an erotic slot machine. Get 3 scatter to watch the “movement” that makes your blood rush.

Game Type Classic literature
Volatility middle
RTP 93.97%
Biggest bonus 3333X

MWPlay TOP 3 Fish Games

JILI Fish - Dinosaur Tycoon

TOP1:Dinosaur Tycoon

✅JILI made
✅Dinosaur theme fish game
✅1500x bonus

Creative dinosaur theme fish game! Try to catch the Jurassic creature with all kinds of weapons!

Game Type dinosaur
Volatility middle
RTP 95.52%
Biggest bonus 1500X
Fa Chai Fish - Fierce Fishing

TOP2:Fierce Fishing

✅Kill the ocean dragon!
✅Special weapon: Dragon bomb
✅Bonus up to 3000x

The game is adapted from <Pirates of the Caribbean.> Take out our magic compass and find the hidden treasure!

Game Type Caribbean Carib-bean
Volatility middle
RTP 97%
Biggest bonus 3000X


✅Red envelopes 1000X
✅The fortune god is coming!
✅20~100 free bullets

This is a Fortune god fish game multiplayer can play online! The game itself is very addicting. The red envelopes and the Fortune god have fallen from the sky! Catch the opportunity to win more than 200 lucky prizes for free. CAI SHEN FISHING is the favorite of all old players!

Game Type Fortune god
Volatility middle
RTP 96.32%
Biggest bonus 1000X

MWPlay TOP 3 Live dealer games

Evolution - Crazy Time

TOP1:Crazy Time

✅ NO.1live game
✅25M bonus
✅24hr live

This is the casino game that goes viral! It is a large-scale live program. Players can bet on 8 different types of bets. The minimum betting amount is ₱ 5 and you may join in the game. You may have a chance to turn into millionaires because of this game.

Game Type Roulette
Volatility X
RTP 94-96%
Biggest bonus ₱25M
Roulette game


✅Easiest casino game
✅Easy to decide the bet
✅Rookie friendly

Have you ever wanna try your luck when you were in Las Vegas? This is the best casino game for beginners, and also the most exciting and popular one, you’ll get started in no time, we recommend Evolution’s roulette game because it’s professional with fancy rewarding, also very smooth to play!

Game Type Roulette
Volatility X
RTP 98.37%
Biggest bonus X
Evolution Gaming - Super Sic Bo

TOP3:Super Sic Bo

✅Asian dice game
✅Multi-bet allowed
✅ Strategy game

Super Sic bo is made by  Evolution Gaming. 3 dice will automatically be rowed by machine, during the moment players are wishing to be the lucky one!

Game Type Dice game
Volatility X
RTP 97.23%
Biggest bonus 1000X

MWPlay TOP 3 card games



✅National card game
✅Fast tempo
✅Nice odds

Everyone reading this should have played Blackjack, as long as you hold a bigger number than the dealer but not more than 21, you win! Blackjack originated from France in the 18th century and has become the most popular card game in the world today.



✅ Strategic card game
✅ Easy to learn
✅ World wild famous

Baccarat is easy to pick up and get started. It is similar to blackjack. There are only three outcomes in the game: the player wins, the banker wins, and a tie. You can choose to bet on either side. Good luck to you!

Dragon Tiger

TOP3:Dragon Tiger

✅2 cards version baccarat
✅High odds
✅Fast game tempo

Dragon tiger goes viral in Asia. 52 cards are used in a game, you may bet on Dragon or Tiger and Tie. The side who gets the bigger point is the winner!

MWPlay has hot sabong

Sabong is an old classic sports game. There are millions of people who are betting sabong every day. The general public who what to bet sabong online should choose a legal online platform. This will earn you a more pleasant and secure experience.

Currently, all sabong activities are supervised by local government, and online E-Sabong is also regulated by PAGCOR regulations. Players can observe whether the video has the LOGO of the PAGCOR, which means the live you are watching is from a legal source.

Our casinos and sabong broadcast are licensed by the Philippine government, where you can watch the games and bet your favorite sabong!

Is MWPlay legit?

YES. MWPlay has gotten the license, we are legal. Please have fun here with no worries, we have tons of ways to make you enjoy it.

The Philippines is the only Asian country allowing online casinos. All online casinos are supervised by PAGCOR. If one casino could not operate if there is no license. MWPlay Casino being a member of PAGCOR, you can play all games here with no worries, we are legal!


From credit card to e-wallet (including GCash), we provide a variety of safe and fast payment methods, allowing players to deposit and cashout smoothly and fast.

As long as you register successfully and deposit. Of course, if you win, you can cashout as real money!

Slot machine are the most popular, followed by Crazy Time, Baccarat, and Dragon Tiger. Our players play them every day.

As long as you have a device with Internet access you can play all MWPlay games. If you want to get started faster, you may want to download our APP.

We are a legal casino, any game you play at MWPlay is safe.