MWPlay: Download the latest 2023 casino APP

What are you waiting for? MWPLAY app owns 2 million downloads! Slot machines, Fish games, Sabong, Boxing, Roulette, Coin Pushers, Scratch cards, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, etc. No matter where you are if there’s MWPlay App, there are casino games!

Take only a minute to get access to thousands of casino games, all FREE! On MWPLAY Gaming, players are free to quickly view between different game types, and the app support is here to help you all the time, our friendly customer service will help you solve any issue you encounter.

Download MWPLAY app to:
1. Earn extra income.
2. Exercise your logic.
3. Explore more about online casinos.

Download MWPlay App for free

How to download MWPLAY app?

No matter what device you have, you can download it successfully. Playing through the app will give you a more comfortable playing experience. If you are ready to download, please follow our guide.

Step1: Enter the MWPLAY official website
Step2: Choose to download assess. You may scan the QR CODE or look it up in the App Store and Google Play.
Step3: After the installation is complete, please take 1 minute to register as a member
Step4: The minimum deposit is β‚±200
Step5: Done, now you can play all MWPlay games!

2023 Top 10 MWPlay casino games

If you have downloaded the MWPlay APP, well done! Next, we are going to recommend some games. Our team demoed and evaluated those games. They are popular for some reason. No matter it is the RTP or the high bonus. You refer to the chart we provide. It’s time to go for these games! To players who are reading this article, please be sure to try every game.

Ranking Name Bonus RTP
Jungle King
Crazy Time
PHP 25,000,000
Live sabong
Secret Treasure
Fierce Fishing
Fish game
Pan Jin Lian
Money Tree
Coin Pusher
5 Dragons Fishing
Fish Game
Legend of Athena
Chin Shi Huang

5 reasons you must play MWPlay

Online casino is a hot issue among Filipino, we sort out 5 main reasons explaining why you should download the app to play but not fly to Les Vegas.

1. COVID-19
As we all know, the pandemic changes the whole operation of our daily activities. People avoid crowded places, and players are moving to online casinos to bet, which also shows the advantage of online casinos’ high mobility.

2. Endless games to choose from
Online casinos have more game options, you can find almost any game you want, and you can play one without visiting the real casino.

3. A good opportunity to gain more experiences
This is the key benefit of online casinos: practice and gains more experience. You may be obsessed with the excitement brought by the physical casino, so before that, you can choose free games from online casino to practice, no matter it is slot machines, blackjack, roulette, etc., be familiar with the gameplays, and strategies you may use, through constant practice, you may win the bonus fast!

4. No waiting time
When you want to play a game in a crowded physical casino, you often have to wait in line for an empty table or machine, but not here in online casinos you can enter the game in just a few seconds.

5. Higher winning rate
Taking slot machines as an example, usually slot machines have a “RTP”, which refers to β€œreturn to player.” Online slot machines will definitely have a higher RTP number than physical ones. Asking why? Because physical slot machines need to pay for venues and personnel, the house edge (house advantage) must be relatively high, so online games will have better winning rates.

Is playing at MWPLAY safe?

Yes. We are a legal online casino. This is a very important index when it comes to choosing an online casino. Legal casinos like Hawkplay Gaming, Nuebe Gaming, their eGames are officially certified by the PAGCOR. Furthermore, a good casino must pay great attention to the privacy of players. Only a few casinos in the Philippines use 512 SSL technology, which keeps the connection quality at the forefront.


MWPLAY currently provides traditional payment methods, such as bank transfer and credit cards, it takes 1-3 days for deposits and cashout. If you want to try the latest payment technology, such as e-wallet, we recommend you to Hawkplay Gaming, you don’t have to wait, deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly there.

Right now is a live game, “Crazy Time.” It goes viral in recent years. There will be a giant wheel with a bonus and prize on it, the host will spin it! If the wheel stop at your bet, you can win a big amount of money! Due to the high odds and bonus, many players make a lot of fortune in this game!
Slot machines are also players’ all-time love. Especially those from JILI Games. MWPlay and Hawkplay have all of them!

RTP refers to “Return to Player”, which is usually an index in slot machines, but is also used in general game. RTP refers to the probability of players winning the game within a period of time, and most players will choose a slot machine that owns more than 96%

You may be worried that you are betting on an illegal casino, and your concern is right! Please carefully choose a casino that is officially and legally authorized by the government. Casinos usually declare legal regulations on their official websites. If you do not find relevant regulations, it is recommended to choose another.

Of course. You can play the demo version and decide which games you want to play with your real money. The minimum deposit amount for MWPLAY is β‚±200. As long as the deposit is successful, you can play a real money game at any time.